Annual Theme

Mirambika School for New Age follows the concept of annual theme. An annual theme so adopted forms the fulcrum for all activities throughout academic year. Events like Ankur-Fest (inter-school competition), inter house competitions in literary, cultural, sports events, annual day/ sports day center around the annual theme of the school. Some of the popular themes in the recent past have been; The Green Planet, The Mother Earth, Deshi Touch etc. Themes related to nativity, helped the students to explore into the age old customs, traditions, indigenous sports, lifestyle etc., which in turn taught the students to understand and respect the significance of old customs and traditions.

Themes are a great way to coordinate all activities throughout the year. Schools use a yearlong theme to motivate and inspire students and enhance their involvement. Themes make it interesting for teachers and students to plan and execute all the major events. They are a great way to integrate the entire school along with the parents.