Focus on Sanskrit

Sanskrit is introduced to children from the time they are part of MSFNA to impart a unique, unparalleled base in learning languages and developing the powers of the mind. Sanskrit is found to be the foundation and root of many modern languages that are taught. Mastering Sanskrit will provide necessary skill to learn other languages without much difficulty. Sanskrit also helps the child to connect to the sound and to understand the essence of Indian culture with all its glory and traditional richness. Sanskrit, as experienced by many scholars and learners builds positive energy around and brings in joy, clarity, purity along.

Sanskrit Shlokas and basics are taught to primary students while for students beyond class four, Sanskrit is taught as one of the languages. Students also practice singing of National anthem translated to Sanskrit. Various levels of Sanskrit exams such as Prathama, Uttama are conducted to motivate students to gain proficiency in the language. The school provides opportunities for students under Sanskrit stream to showcase their talents through activities such as Radio Show, Shloka recitation, Antyakshari, Pick and speak, etc. Students get benefitted by the linguistic discipline of this language as well as the cultural learning experience it has provides.