Chairman Message

"Watch your thoughts they become your words Watch your words they become your actions Watch your actions they become your habits Watch your habits they become your character Watch your character it becomes your destiny"

Dear Mirambikans,
Earth, our planet, is one of the most beautiful places in the universe. As we know as of now, it is the only planet where life exists. We have started realising that our Earth too has its own right to live without pollution and without damages to its environment. Last year, our school chose the annual theme as ‘Save Mother Earth’. This theme reflects our passion and concern for Mother Earth. It also reminds us, our responsibility towards future generations that are to come. We are exhausting all Natural resources unscrupulously for satiating our greed. This has to be stopped!

I am happy, for the reason that Mirambikans have taken this on their tiny shoulders and putting in their efforts though out the year in an endeavour to bring out the necessary awareness among others. This was accomplished through many innovative inter-school and intra-school programs. I was personally a witness to many of these programs. Keep it up. The glory is yours. But remember: The earth is not given to us by our parents; it is loaned to us, by our future generations. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our future generations.

There are two kinds of teachers. Firstly, those who stuff you with so much of information that you can‟t move and the second, who place below you, a spring board and you jump to skies opening your wings of fire. Most teachers at Mirambika belong to the second category. The child‟s self-development and overall growth go hand in hand. Respecting one‟s family, culture, country and the earth are our esteemed values. The school gives due emphasis towards coming to a sensitive awareness and understanding of this inevitable truth.

As you know, your teachers have now completed the formidable task of writing activity based integral education books under the able guidance of Pratibha didi. These guide books will help in spreading the awareness about developing integral personality through a process called education.