Safety and Security

Children spend most of their daytime in school. Safety and security of children while they are in school premises is everybody‟s responsibility and given utmost importance at Mirambika School for new age.

Following measures have been implemented to achieve the above safety objective:-
  • CCTV cameras are installed all around the premises of the school. Isolated corners of campus are constantly monitored on screens.
  • Separate Washrooms for boys and girls are constantly monitored by school attendants.
  • Escort ID- cards are issued to the parents and other family members
  • Police verification is done for the staff
  • Security services are provided from experienced and trust worthy agencies.
  • Safety of children during transportation is well managed. Each van is accompanied by van assistants.
  • Passages in front of classrooms at higher floors are provided with security grills.
  • Fire extinguishers are installed at places of risk namely science laboratories, canteen, computer lab, office, staircases, power rooms, school buses which are maintained from time to time.
  • Complete trace-ability of students, with respect to transport, is precisely maintained in a Log book and all school buses are equipped with GPS locators.
  • Committee for student‟s safety and security, functions with determination, training and with a desire to help and handle vulnerable circumstances. (Children safety measures committee)