Scholarships and Prizes

Awards recognize and reward the efforts of the students and inculcate competitive spirit. Rewarding students endorses the school effort in providing a platform to showcase their innate abilities. Considering the greater focus and to boost self-esteem Mirambika School For New Age has always been highly encouraging in creating interest in the students to win over the awards and prizes, by introducing various awards in different categories excelled in areas of co-curricular activities such as;

  1. Visual Art-Sketching and Drawing
  2. Music (immense participation towards school programme)
  3. Performing Arts-Drama or Theatre
  4. Inspiring Peer Group
  5. Dance –For Aesthetic and Symbolic movements.
  6. Good Manners- lending a helping hand
  7. The Art of being Eloquent-Spontaneity in speaking and writing
  8. Instrumental support
  9. Excellency awards – fostering scientific temper

Special awards are given at the Inter–School Fest (ANKUR) under the name “Samskruti Rolling trophy’ in memory of the parents of former trustee late Sri Mangesh V Nadkarni .