Beyond Class Room

Teaching-Learning experiences outside the classroom are inherently interdisciplinary. Learning happens inside as well as outside the class room. This benefits the learner to observe and learn from the environment around him. It exposes to new opportunities, nurture creativity and merge with the surroundings.

At MSFNA, learning beyond the class room happens through trips, co-curricular activities, school competitions etc. Field trips provide experiences outside their everyday activities. It broadens active learning and also helps developing bonhomie. Teachers get an opportunity to interact closely with students and understand them better. Through field trips students acquire life skills, such as adjustability, tolerance, attitude development, real life application problem-solving, critical thinking etc. Visit to factories agriculture tour, recreational places, public adventurous spots, old age home, service agencies and science museums enrich their community learning and scientific temper. Trips to such places are arranged for students of classes 1 to 10 annually. Graduating students of class 10 are taken to Pondicherry to invoke the blessings of the Mother and the Master Sri Aurobindo.