Vission & Mission


    To provide an integral system of education by transforming the young minds for a new consciousness in order to bring out the full flowering of child‟s inner potential - A new approach, a paradigm shift.


  • To provide Integral education that aims to address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of an individual and help a child to understand from within.
  • To provide an ambiance for Integral education that focuses on developing key faculties (abilities and talents) so that a child grows up with not just information and training, but becomes a total individual who goes into a life long journey of progressive evolution and growth.
  • To develop trained teachers as primary stake holders in education, which helps to shift from information acquisition to self-development and from rote learning to critical thinking by infusing the principles of integral education into regular board curriculum.
    To endeavour total and integral development of a child, involving the development of:
  • A strong, supple, healthy, beautiful body
  • A sensitive, emotionally refined, energetic personality
  • A wide-ranging, lively intelligence and Will
  • The subtler spiritual qualities that unify and harmonize the personality.
  • To foster in each child the attributes and values of a responsible, capable, active and healthy member of the family and society.