Physical Education Day

Principles of integral education include primarily three aspects of physical body as under;
  1. Control and discipline of the physical
  2. An integral, methodical and harmonious development of all the parts and movements of the body; and
  3. Correction of any defects and deformities.

Mirambika School for New Age (MSFNA) endeavors to put into practice the above principles through several physical education programs that are meticulously planned and implemented. With variety of sports students develop muscular flexibility, strength, endurance and a sound body composition. Development of cognitive skills also takes place simultaneously.

Physical education day is celebrated on 2nd December with all fervor, mirth and excitement, filled with thrills, sheers and cheers. Students present an array of colorful and splendid field displays symbolizing the theme of the year. They are guided by well-trained physical instructors. Class teachers ensure that every student takes part at least in one event. The event is witnessed by the invitees, parents and grandparents along with school faculty and other children. Impressive participation of students in track events such as March past, relay race, athletics, yogasana, gymnastics, dumbbells and lazims etc. impels joyfulness among one and all. Highlight of the day being, the display of prowess by the school band, using a variety of musical instruments with utmost co-ordination and practice under the supervision of their band master. Awards, medal and trophies are distributed to the students for their yearlong participations and performances.