Scholarships and Prizes
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Unique set of ‘Auro awards’ are conferred in fond remembrance of Founder Chairman late Shree ji (Sri S V Sabnis). The Auro awards in the form of prize money are given to students who set themselves as role models amo0ng their peer groups.

To promote scientific temper, cultural values, mathematical skills, literary skills, aesthetic sense school conducts exhibition under the name “BIMBA PRATHIBIMBA” and best exhibits are rewarded.

Champions are made from a desire, dream, vision with a strong will and skill. Individual Championship Trophies are given to the best sports person for boys and girls under Junior and Senior Category.

Individual certificates and medals are distributed to students for various games and athletics conducted under intra-house sports competitions.

Chandramani awards: Chandramani Endowment Awards are conferred upon those students performing value based skits. These competitions happen once a year. Moral education is imparted for all the classes and life skills classes are conducted for class IX and X, which touch upon their intelligence, emotional, social skills. Every year four values are selected from the petals of Mother’s symbol and children create the stories based on the value given to them. Script preparation, dialogue writing, direction are done by the students.