About Us


The Primary Aim of the school is to offer the child an education, which helps in the blossoming of the child’s personality integrally.


1989 June 10 , ‘Mirambika School For New Age’s flag with the Mother’s symbol was unfurled for the first time. The dedication. and unparallel vision of a senior sadhak Shreeji ( S.V. Sabnis) and with the support of other board members, MSFNA was placed on the tracks. As founder chairman of MSFNA, he ensured that the school evolves integrally and stands firm on the foundation of Integral Education based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

MSFNA is providing an environment conductive to joyful learning based on the ‘Principles of integral education’ propounded by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It is situated in the serene and spiritual ambience of Sri Aurobindo Complex amidst beautiful lawns, flower beds and lush green trees inducing positive vibrations

Well trained and experienced teaching staff selected on the basis of merit affectionately handle students to bring out the best by paying individual attention to each student.

A free approach in education is absolutely essential, for this alone can influence the child’s inner being come to influence and determine his conscious awakening. To this approach, the Mother gave the name ‘Free Progress’, she said, ‘is a progress guided by the soul and not subject to habits, conventions and preconceived ideas’.

The school has successfully sent out several batches of students on completion of Class X. Many of them have already taken up various professions and few are pursuing post graduation.