School Dairy

A diary is meant to record discrete entries on a day to day basis with respect to activities at school. It inculcates the habit of effectively prioritizing and scheduling the activities by a student. The school dairy is helpful to the management, teachers, parents and students as it acts as a connecting link between all the stakeholders. It provides necessary personal information of each student. A sequence of assembly prayers are printed for student’s reference.

School diary deals with general Guidelines, Vision, Mission, Rules and Regulations in respect of Admissions, Withdrawals, Recommendations To Parents, Examination and norms For Promotion, Timings, Uniform, Tuition Fee and School van facilities. The school diary also includes the academic calendar (from May to April) displaying details of national and religious festivals, holidays, projects and assignments, important days to be observed in the campus, inter-intra school competitions, time table for periodic and summative assignments etc.

Each page of the diary under the’ Pupil’s Page’ is printed with meaningful Mother’s quotes. These pages are utilized to maintain regular and up-to-date information regarding academics. Full details of examination and tests can be accessed via ‘Test/Examination timetable’ pages.

It consists of pages such as permission and note from the teacher, absence record and library record. Class timetable is also a part of this diary. All the above mentioned parameters help the teachers and parents to keep track of the pupil’s overall activities.